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A compilation of the PALS projects.


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Sample Social Media Policy Documents

Posted By Christi Buker, Tuesday, August 13, 2019
Updated: Thursday, February 20, 2020

Sample Social Media Guidance for Libraries 

A 2018 Pennsylvania Library Association Academy of Leadership Studies (or PALS) cohort worked together to research social media policies and practices for all library types. Based on their findings, they have made available sample templates for libraries to adopt if you choose. Note, these policies are not official Association policies but are provided for reference and can be used at your libraries' discretion. 

The sample documents can be accessed as attachments at the bottom of this post:


Draft PaLA Social Media Policy

This draft policy utilizes the ALA library social media policy template and is tailored to PaLA’s context. It details all current accounts and provides guidance for using the accounts including creating and removing content. This document is meant to be a draft and will benefit from additional insight from the board and the PR & Marketing committee, and any other relevant stakeholders. 

Best Practices Guide for Social Media

This guide gives all libraries an overview to get started with or improve their social media practices. We provide a list of questions to consider about your social media presence, top 10 best practices, and a guide to social media platforms and social media management tools. 

Academic Library Social Media Policy Template

This template is based on the ALA library social media policy template as well as other policy documents from academic libraries. It provides academic libraries with the major components of a social media policy with questions for them to consider in each category as they draft their own policy. 

Public Library Social Media Policy Template

This template is based on the ALA library social media policy template. It provides public libraries with the major components of a social media policy with questions for them to consider in each category as they draft their own policy. 


The group also hosted a webinar in spring 2019 to explain the documents further and to engage Association members in their project. That webinar can be accessed at

 Attached Files:

Tags:  #PALS2018  Academy of Leadership Studies  PALS  Social Media Draft Guidance 

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Interactive Map of PA Forward Activity by Legislative District

Posted By Cathy Bittle, Friday, September 12, 2014
Updated: Wednesday, July 24, 2019

An interactive online map highlighting exceptional programs or activities in each legislative district in Pennsylvania provides a quick and effective demonstration of how PA libraries are using the five literacies of PA Forward to improve their communities.


The map is an effective advocacy tool because it gives legislators a snapshot of how the libraries in their districts are moving PA Forward. It can be updated over time and our team hopes that all libraries will eventually be represented so that everyone may see the innovative programs that take place in Pennsylvania libraries.


To create the map, our team developed and sent out a survey to public and academic libraries throughout Pennsylvania asking them to share information about their programs and how they relate to the five literacies identified by PA Forward. There were close to 150 responses, representing 89 House and 40 Senate districts. Once the information was compiled in Google Docs, an ArcGIS mapping program was used to create an interactive map.  Every library that responded is represented by a "pin" on the map.  Clicking on a "pin" opens up a dialog box with the name of the library along with a list of literacies and a link to more information.


Click here to check out the map!

This group, along with the other PALS 3013 groups, will present their completed projects in a Poster Session scheduled for 5:00 PM on Tuesday during the 2014 PaLA Annual Conference.

Project Participants

  • Ryan Ake - Pennsylvania State College
  • Therese Barry - Green County Library System
  • Cathy Bittle - Ridley Township Public Library
  • Regina Braidotti - West Chester University
  • Carrie Sturgill - Radnor Memorial Library

Tags:  advocacy  PA Forward 

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Library Advocacy Video

Posted By Beverly F. Lawler, Monday, August 25, 2014

It's Not Your Father's Library

We've created a brief, entertaining video that provides laypersons with an updated perspective on the roles and services that 21st century public libraries provide in Pennsylvania.

Please spread the word, and share the video, so everyone across the state sees that libraries today are far more than books!

The video is available at

Project Participants

  • Diane Demko
  • Beverly Lawler
  • Kaitlyn Lyons
  • Tracy Powell
  • Chrissy Sirianni
  • Lauren Smyth

Tags:  advocacy  video 

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The PaLA Speakers Bureau

Posted By Leslie W. Christianson, Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What is the PaLA Speakers BureauBlog?

The PaLA Speakers Bureau Blog is a vetted, comprehensive list of speakers from multiple disciplines that libraries can use to connect with individuals in their field and community.

I am a Speaker!  How Do I Register?

Engaging professionals to present on topics relevant to library staff in Pennsylvania are sought. Topics presented should reflect current trends in libraries or subjects of interest, and contribute to the professional development of librarians.

If you are interested in joining the list, see the additional criteria below:
  • It is important that all presentations be informative, engaging, and well-presented
  • Content should be relevant to Pennsylvania libraries. No presentation should conflict with the mission and vision of the Pennsylvania Library Association.
  • Presenters must provide evaluative feedback to the PaLA on presentations made as a result of being listed as a resource with the Speakers Bureau.
  • Presenters are expected to display expertise in their topical area and present effectively. 

To register as a speaker or find a speaker visit the PaLA Speakers Bureau page on the PaLA website.

Project Participants

  • Audrey Young
  • Charity Leonette
  • Leslie Christianson
  • Lori Lysiak
  • Mary Ann Lewis

Tags:  presenting  speaker 

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Customer Service Best Practices Group

Posted By Barbara E. Eshbach, Thursday, October 17, 2013

What is Customer Service?

Customer Service is the practice of providing library customers with the resources they want in the most professional, efficient, and courteous manner possible.

What Can We Share?

Our group has compiled resources in the following areas of customer service:

We encourage you to check it out on our 2012 PALS Customer Service site on Google.

Project Participants

  • Laura Ax-FultzBarb Eshbach
  • Beth Gwin
  • Evonne Loomis
  • Richard Miller
  • Paula Glibert, Mentor


Tags:  customer service 

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Presentation and Publishing Brochure Project

Posted By Dana Barber, Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Do you have a story or skill to share?

Are you interested in building your career through presenting and/or publishing?

We've got the perfect place for you to get started!

As part of the 2012 PaLA Academy of Leadership Studies, our group project focused on compiling information and resources on publishing and presenting for professionals in the library world.

Our project can be found on the PaLA website!

Check it out, then comment on here to tell us what you think! We will also be at the 2013 PaLA Annual Conference to share more information with you. Look for us there!


Project Participants:

  • Amy Deuink
  • Dana Barber
  • William Fee
  • Katie Nicholson
  • Melissa Szafran



Tags:  career  presenting  publishing 

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