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2016 PaLA Annual Conference Handouts
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Below are the handouts we have received for the 2016 Annual Conference. As we receive more, they will be added. Handouts are also being embedded in session descriptions in the Conference App for easy access on the go!

Amazing Library Race

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Based on the reality TV show "The Amazing Race," this family program takes teams through the Dewey Decimal categories in the library. At each stop, teams learn the facts and face a challenge where they must decide which option will garner the points that will bring them to the finish line of "The Amazing Library Race!"
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
The Amazing Library Race PDF (1.41 MB) C. Blatchley 9/27/2016

Building the Local Coalition For Your Library

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Coalitions are the way things get done in the political world. In
this break out, EveryLibrary executive director John Chrastka will
take participants through a ‘power mapping” exercise to help you
differentiate between sponsors and partners, and identify potential
coalition members to advance your funding request to the voters or
through local government funding partners.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Building the Local Coalition PPTX (1.75 MB) J. Pratt 10/25/2016

Center for Rural Pennsylvania

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The Center (a PA Forward partner) is a powerful resource for rural,
urban, and suburban libraries. This session will introduce you to the
Center’s scope, provide an overview of their research on current
issues, share projections on PA demographics, and discuss the role
libraries can play in addressing problems facing our communities.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Library_Oct_17_2016 PDF (7.23 MB) J. Pratt 10/25/2016

Citation Situation

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The respect of ethical research practices leads librarians to instruct or insist on creating bibliographic citations. Librarians also work to promote critical thinking about sources and encourage selection of reliable and authoritative sources. But are librarians still in sync with what course instructors demand? This presentation will share the results of a study of teaching faculty's opinions about what they find acceptable in student citation and source quality. This will be followed by a discussion of how best to teach what faculty say they want. Participants will learn strategies for helping students become better researchers and more successful in college.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
The Citation Situation DOCX (35.54 KB) J. Pratt 10/14/2016

Coming to a Campus Near You? Open Access Policies

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A growing number of colleges and universities, including several in PA, have adopted open access policies or resolutions of one type or another. Whether you aspire to help your institution adopt an open access policy, or if your faculty have already voted in favor of a policy or resolution, find out what you need to know to be an effective leader and open access advocate on campus. Learn about some of the most common questions, concerns, and misconceptions, and hear suggestions for how to address. Come with your questions and be prepared to share your thoughts and experiences.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Resolution on Open Access PDF (1.44 MB) J. Pratt 10/11/2016
Model Open Access Policy PDF (120.08 KB) J. Pratt 10/11/2016
Open Access Guidelines PDF (230.75 KB) J. Pratt 10/11/2016
Open Access Policy PDF (1.94 MB) J. Pratt 10/11/2016

Controlling Chaos

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With rapid change and reduced budgets, librarians are expected
to do more with less. Project management can help, but it is rarely
taught in graduate programs or even on the job. Much of the work
going on in libraries is project-oriented: system upgrades, building
renovations, creating and delivering community programs,
implementing new services, etc. Learn the basic concepts of project
management and how to use them to improve the success of your
library projects (and reduce your headaches). We’ll break through
the business jargon and learn what project management really is, its
benefits, and some techniques you can implement immediately.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Controlling Chaos PPTX (1.52 MB) J. Pratt 10/25/2016

CRD Lunch: Yes It Can Happen Here

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“That can’t happen here.” It’s something we all say all too often, yet disasters, both large and small, can happen any time, in any library. A disaster is anything that interrupts your
ability to provide service, and librarians need to be aware of their
surroundings and the possible risks so they can plan alternate ways
to deliver services when disaster strikes. This session will provide you
with the tools you need to start planning for both small and larger
scale disasters. Attendees will also hear an example of how NYU’s
Health Sciences Library suffered damage and interrupted service
during Hurricane Sandy and the resulting disaster preparedness lessons learned.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Yes It Can Happen Here PPTX (6 MB) J. Pratt 10/25/2016

Creating Great Programs for Millennials

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It's no secret that the 20s and 30s demographic is one of the toughest audiences to reach with library programs. They're too old for teen programs, and many aren't interested in the traditional adult programming put on by libraries. Obstacles notwithstanding, serving this demographic is crucial. Emily and Katie will discuss their experiences with programming for millennials, which include establishing a new program series, coming up with a brand, and marketing. They will discuss specific programs they've done, which include bar trivia, a book club for adults who like to read YA and plenty of pop culture- and nostalgia-themed programs. Library staff will be empowered to create programs for patrons in their 20s and 30s in their own communities, and they'll leave with plenty of ideas for specific programs they can implement on their own.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Millennial Programming Handout DOCX (57.66 KB) J. Pratt 10/12/2016

Dreams from my Library

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When we talk about funding our strategic plan or building plan,
voters and constituents want to hear about not only where their
money is going but also who is spending their money. Join John
Chrastka, EveryLibrary’s founder and executive director, for a session
on building your library message around you and your staff’s visible
role in the community, and how to anticipate and engage opposition
– early – to your funding request.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Dreams from my Library PPTX (2.15 MB) J. Pratt 10/25/2016

Dust Off Those Encyclopedias

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What if the ideal tools for teaching undergraduate students the
most critical information literacy concepts have been sitting in the
stacks all along collecting dust, or wading out in digital space unencountered?
Reference sources are an optimal medium to introduce
all six of the ACRL Framework’s central concepts for information
literacy. Additionally, by understanding a reference source’s place in
the information search process, students learn to consciously avoid
the common pitfall of neglecting exploratory research before specifying
their research topics. Thus, incorporating reference sources
thoughtfully into instructional design contributes to the development
of both information literacy and metacognition.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Dust Off Those Encyclopedias PDF (120.15 KB) J. Pratt 10/25/2016

Early Elementary Outreach

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The Picture Book Children's Choice Award is a program geared toward students in grades kindergarten - 2nd grade, many of whom may never have had any interaction with the public library. The basic concept is to introduce and engage students with quality literature through outreach visits at the elementary school conducted by the public library or in-reach classroom visits to the public library. The program was created in Allegheny County to fulfill the need for a countywide literacy program for this age group that promotes reading and engages students with quality picture books. Learn about this successful outreach program, how it started, how you can replicate it, and what is currently being done with it in Allegheny County.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Letter from ACLA DOCX (49.95 KB) J. Pratt 10/14/2016
Picture Book Agreement DOCX (56.33 KB) J. Pratt 10/14/2016
Picture Book Children's Choice Program DOCX (48.53 KB) J. Pratt 10/14/2016

Elevator Speech

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Your communication about your library is a key factor in building its reputation as a community asset. In this session, you will develop and practice your own brief marketing pitch to communicate your library's value whenever the opportunity arises. You will get ideas for when to use these pitches and how to get comfortable using them.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Elevator Speech Activity Sheet DOC (83 KB) J. Pratt 10/14/2016

Engage For Health: A Health Program in a Box

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Efficient doctor-patient communication is an essential skill for individuals of all ages. Come to this session and learn how to implement "Engage for Health", a program in a box that teaches consumers how to effectively communicate with healthcare providers. Information on how a cohort of public libraries piloted "Engage for Health" targeting adults, seniors, and families of children with disabilities in their communities. Participating libraries will share challenges and strategies for successful implementation. Attendees will obtain clear strategies for offering and evaluating this program at their library to support the PA Forward Health Literacy initiative.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Engage For Health: A Health Program in a Box PDF (2.42 MB) J. Pratt 10/12/2016

Fostering Future Colleagues

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Fostering Future Colleagues: Academic Library Internships and Mentoring - - Using case studies from two academic libraries, this presentation will demonstrate how libraries can strengthen the profession by nurturing undergraduates to explore librarianship as a career. The presentation will provide a snapshot of how libraries may mentor students, either informally or through an undergraduate internship program - including how to supervise interns and fund, market, and structure the internship. Demonstrating the value of these experiences, the presenters will share data from a survey of first-career librarians about factors that led them to librarianship, as well as survey and interview data about the impact of library internships on participants' education/career preparation.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
The Pursuit of Librarianship Survey PDF (26.67 KB) C. Blatchley 10/13/2016

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It!

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Collaborating with faculty to integrate and assess information literacy online courses to support their curriculum can be done! Here how we accomplished just that while standardizing a library nursing instruction course for multiple campus locations. Scalable and useful for any discipline, launch your own course or one-shot session ideas by developing storyboards for potential online modules! Attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops to the session.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It! PDF (1.28 MB) J. Pratt 10/11/2016

ILEAD USA Team's Participatory Technology

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Learn how you can duplicate technology products that solve community problems! Representatives from ILEAD USA teams, made up of library workers from Pennsylvania public, school and academic
libraries will share their immersion experience at ILEAD USA and provide you with the information you need to duplicate or build upon their successful products. Some of the problems these participatory technology products address include creating interest in STEM careers, job readiness skills, capturing oral and visual histories, teen community engagement, services for immigrants and non-English speakers, adult and digital literacy and diversity.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Team Workforce Development Website Link C. Blatchley 10/15/2016
Team Workforce Development Info PDF (299.31 KB) C. Blatchley 10/15/2016
#culturesquad Background, Development & Stats, PDF (119.33 KB) C. Blatchley 11/17/2016
Welcome to the Job Squad PDF (22.47 KB) J. Pratt 10/14/2016
Mirrorandwindows Booklist PDF (487.84 KB) J. Pratt 10/14/2016
Memory Masters PPTX (2.16 MB) J. Pratt 10/14/2016
ILEAD Whats Good PDF (491.14 KB) J. Pratt 10/14/2016
E-textiles Project Guide PDF (714.8 KB) J. Pratt 10/14/2016
DIL Pickles Promo PDF (39.47 KB) J. Pratt 10/14/2016
ALt Team Booklet PUB (5.28 MB) J. Pratt 10/14/2016

Just Forgetfulness? Or is it?

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For public service staff, serving individuals with dementia-related diseases can be difficult. Negative perceptions can fuel misunderstanding, which creates barriers and perpetuates the stigmas about the condition. We will discuss how to identify individuals who may be having difficulties with Alzheimer's/Dementia and how to assist them in a sensitive manner. This program will cover the basics of the disease, resources available, understanding the person with Dementia/Alzheimers, the impact on care givers who may come with them to the library, effectively engaging community and sensitivity, effective communication techniques and practical techniques for these interactions.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
The Basics: Memory Loss, Dementia and Alzheimer's PDF (559.37 KB) C. Blatchley 10/13/2016
Effective Communication Strategies PDF (603.58 KB) C. Blatchley 10/13/2016

Legal Ease: Legal Reference for Public Librarians

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How do we help patrons with legal information without giving legal advice? Where can we find reliable legal information on the Internet? Do we need to collect legal reference materials in print? This session will address those questions and more.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Legal Ease Reference Guide PDF (134.53 KB) J. Pratt 10/11/2016
Legal Ease PPTX (1.66 MB) J. Pratt 10/11/2016

Marketing Through Partnerships In Your Community

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Partnerships are an integral piece to successful library outreach.
When thinking about partnerships, we think about how to reach the most people for a desired response. Examples will include some partnering with entities that have a more global impact than individual libraries.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
PaLA Presentation PDF (2.54 MB) J. Pratt 10/25/2016
PaLA Handouts PDF (316.03 KB) J. Pratt 10/25/2016

New Library Programming for PreTeens @Your Library

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Brochure - Get Pre-Teens Involved w/ Your Library PDF (1.12 MB) C. Blatchley 10/18/2016

New PA Child Protective Services Law

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The PA Child Protective Services Law (CPSL) has undergone
sweeping changes in the wake of the Sandusky scandal. While
this worthwhile legislation strengthens the ability to prosecute
abuse cases, this discussion will cover why the new law will likely
increase lawsuits alleging abuse. We’ll discuss how the significant
expansion of what is considered mental and physical abuse
changes the duty of care that libraries owe children. We’ll provide
ideas on how your library can reduce the likelihood of an abuse
incident and or lawsuit. Further, we’ll explain why you should not
rely on your general liability policy to cover an abuse liability claim,
and share tips to limit your library’s liability exposure.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Abuse Law PDF (659.57 KB) J. Pratt 10/25/2016

Office of Commonwealth Libraries Town Hall Meeting

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Presentation Slides PDF (955.67 KB) C. Blatchley 10/15/2016

Outside the Box

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Come see how libraries can utilize the space outside their libraries
to improve the visual appeal of the library and how it can enhance
programs and services. The presenting libraries will explain how
they accomplished it, show pictures of the progress, and explain
how the transformation impacted the programs or services of the
library and how the public responded. Also any ongoing maintenance
issues or future plans will be discussed. The presenters are
from public libraries but examples of what other types of libraries
and those with limited outdoor space can accomplish will also be
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Outside the Box PDF (5.7 MB) J. Pratt 10/25/2016

PA Digital: One Place for Pennsylvania Collections

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
PA Digital - Presentation Slides PDF (8.85 MB) C. Blatchley 11/17/2016

PA Forward: Library Training Flier

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PA Forward training opportunities.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Library Training Flier PDF (708.72 KB) J. Pratt 10/25/2016

PA Forward: Recipes for Success

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Introducing the new PA Forward "Literacies in Action Program Recipes" booklet. Tried and true recipes for successful programming at your library for all ages.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Recipes for Success PDF (1.49 MB) J. Pratt 10/11/2016
Preview: Civic and Social Literacies Recipes PDF (927.96 KB) J. Pratt 10/11/2016
Preview: Financial Literacies Recipes PDF (2.75 MB) J. Pratt 10/11/2016
Preview: Information Literacies Recipes PDF (1.44 MB) J. Pratt 10/11/2016
Preview: Basic Literacies Recipes PDF (1.45 MB) J. Pratt 10/11/2016
Preview: Health Literacies Recipes PDF (2.72 MB) J. Pratt 10/11/2016

PLD Breakfast: The Accidental Candidate

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Are you looking for new ways to engage and activate advocates for your library?
Join EveryLibrary executive director John Chrastka for a discussion of innovative new techniques to energize, focus, and improve your library advocacy efforts. EveryLibrary supports library communities when they are on the ballot. He will share best practices from political campaigns
that candidates use to reach – and activate – voters. Whether you are on the ballot or just looking to improve your fundraising, come and learn how librarians who see themselves as “the candidate” succeed.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Librarian As Candidate PPTX (3.56 MB) J. Pratt 10/25/2016

Policy Checklist: Basic Policies for Every Library

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Don't panic! Policy is not a bad word. Think of it as a blueprint to provide better customer service. This presentation will help you understand the functions of policies, the language and presentation of policies and cover basic policies that any library should address. Attendees will leave with a checklist of policies and resources so they will not need to start from scratch.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Policy Checklist - Slides and Activities PDF (3.79 MB)  more ] C. Blatchley 10/14/2016
Policy Checklist PDF (106.39 KB)  more ] C. Blatchley 10/13/2016
CCLS Customer Guide (2016) PDF (274.59 KB)  more ] C. Blatchley 10/13/2016
CCLS Confidentiality of Library Customer Records PDF (108.67 KB)  more ] C. Blatchley 10/13/2016
CCLS Public Policies on the Web Link  more ] C. Blatchley 10/14/2016

Preservation 911

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Tips on Caring for Historical Collections in Small Public Libraries
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Tips on Caring for a Historical Collections PDF (7.1 MB)  more ] C. Blatchley 10/18/2016

Proactive Collection Development

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Need to get a handle on collection development? In this session, you that creating a reasonable core collection can be easier than you think. You'll also learn how to satisfy patron demand without hurting collection integrity or going broke and how to deal with local self-published authors. Learn how to weed boldly, but responsibility with three levels of weeding for adult and youth materials and finally, what is the future of collection development.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Proactive Collection Development PPTX (434.33 KB) J. Pratt 10/12/2016

Reaching New Heights in Readers' Advisory!

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Love books? This session is for you! It's time to take your library's Readers' Advisory to a whole new level! No budget? No problem! Staff cuts? No worries! Join Cuyahoga County's Wendy Bartlett for a fast-paced, fun, interactive session filled with practical tips on how to discover and exploit your library's hidden Readers' Advisory strengths and increase your staff and patrons' love of reading. (And did we mention that you'll increase your circulation too!)
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Reaching New Heights in Collection Development PPTX (167.64 KB) J. Pratt 10/12/2016

Re-Imagining Public Libraries

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Library personnel are currently experiencing monumental change in library culture and expectations. Undergraduate students at Pennsylvania State University - York interviewed York County library personnel regarding their personal experiences in the library and how the library impacts the community. The results of the stories were collected and analyzed for underlying themes. Some of the findings were anticipated and many reveal the greater impact libraries have on their communities. Do you know what your staff believes and the stories they tell about libraries?
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Re-Imagining Public Libraries Questions Asked DOCX (15.16 KB) J. Pratt 10/11/2016
Re-Imagining Public Libraries DOCX (21.71 KB) J. Pratt 10/5/2016

Renovating or Building

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This presentation will be co-presented from both the perspective of
a library director and a library interior specialist. The session will focus
on the interior planning process including establishing a realistic
timeline, working with committees, budgeting and the elements
to be considered for a successful and beautiful renovation or new
building project. The session will include useful tips like preparing
your collection before you move, considering spatial needs, improving
workflow, and creating flexible and functional spaces for users.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Renovating or Building PDF (1.8 MB) J. Pratt 10/25/2016

Stretch Your Reach

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Learn how Northland Library increased outreach to schools, preschools, and childcare centers by 153% in two years, without adding staff hours. Participants will take away strategies for making contacts, organizing time and resources, and ideas for using kamishibai, STEM, music, stortytelling, and puppetry in your outreach visits.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Bridge Building Handout Sheet PDF (359.2 KB) J. Pratt 10/14/2016
Bridge Building Planning Sheet PDF (167.17 KB) J. Pratt 10/14/2016
STEM Outreach Planning Sheet DOCX (25.27 KB) J. Pratt 10/14/2016
Storytime Outreach Planning Sheet DOCX (27.93 KB) J. Pratt 10/14/2016

Using Focus Groups as a Management Tool

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This session is designed for any librarian serving in an administrative position who is seeking new ways to manage and empower employees. Highlighting the utilization of focus groups comprised
of staff members will be the basis for this presentation.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Focus Groups PPTX (3.72 MB) J. Pratt 10/14/2016

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