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PaLA Committees

2019 website committee

Committee chairs are appointed by the association president with the exception of Membership and Annual Conference Committees, that are elected by the membership.

To become a committee member, you are encouraged to complete the annual volunteer sign-up survey in late summer or by contacting the committee chair

See the Pennsylvania Library Association Organizational Chart

Archives & History

The Archives & History Committee maintains the history of the Association.  The archives are located at Headquarters.  All unit chairs are required to turn over the materials pertinent to their year as chair to the archive committee to maintain the history of the association.



2019 Awards Committee

Each year the Association presents a number of awards for service to the Association and to the statewide library community at our Annual Conference. The committee meets once virtually in the winter quarter and then once in person at Headquarters to select award winners at the end of the summer.


The 2nd Vice-President/Conference Chair is an elected position responsible for recruiting members to assist in the planning of the annual conference each year. The committee is generally comprised of individuals in the vicinity of the host area or chapter. 

The full conference committee has an introductory meeting in late summer. Beginning in November, the group meets monthly through late August/early September.  In addition, individuals serving on the planning committee are assigned to a sub-committee role.  Sub-committee meetings are scheduled throughout the planning process.                 

Planning meetings may be held at a library in the vicinity of conference venue, at headquarters, or other agreed upon location. Committee members may also attend via the remote access connection. Twice leading up to the event, the committee meeting is held at the conference venue.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee is charged with pursuing, promoting, and championing EDI within PaLA. The Committee, which meets virtually once a month, will examine and develop strategies to promote greater equity, diversity, and inclusion within the organization and within the profession so that our Association, libraries, librarians, and library staff will all thrive.  


Intellectual Freedom

The Intellectual Freedom Committee is concerned with current material challenges and other issues of access to information.

Leadership Development-PALS

The Leadership Development-PALS (Pennsylvania Library Association Academy of Leadership Studies) Committee is charged with planning the three Leadership Academy workshops that take place each June in Harrisburg. The committee frequently meets remotely leading up to the events.

Legislative Information

The Legislative Information Committee sets legislative policy for the Association. The Committee is also charged with communicating updates about activity in the Pennsylvania Legislature and gathering information from libraries that might have an impact on the library community.

Legislative Committee holds one virtual only meeting in January and 6 additional meetings (generally bimonthly) that are on-site at HQ.

Committee ChairsMembership

The Membership Committee is chaired by the third vice-president and members consist of representatives of each chapter and any additional members appointed by the chair in consultation with the PaLA President. This committee maintains membership of librarians and other interested persons and initiate campaigns to recruit new members for the Pennsylvania Library Association.  There is a mentorship program subcommittee that meets separately and handles the logistics of our member-only program. 


The Nominating Committee is made up of an elected representative of each of the chapter and the President of the Association.  The committee selects nominees to run as officers of the Association.

Organization & Bylaws

The Organization & Bylaws Committee is charged with maintaining the Bylaws of the organization.

PA Forward

PA Forward is a training, outreach and community engagement initiative from the Pennsylvania Library Association. The initiative is supported by three committees; steering, training, and the work group. Each of these groups meet bi-monthly.

Public Relations & Marketing

The Public Relations & Marketing Committee is made up of a Representative from each chapter and a number of at large members determined by the Chair.  The PR & Marketing Committee is charged with educating the membership and general public about the annual goals and initiatives of the Association.

Publications & Research

The Publications & Research Committee is charged with coordinating the published information of the Association.


The Scholarship Committee is charged with awarding scholarships and grants to members who live or work in Pennsylvania according to the criteria established for each award. In particular, the committee awards the MLIS scholarships, continuing education grants, the Youth Services Conference Scholarship and selects each year's ALA Emerging Leader. 

This committee meets remotely dependent on the various scholarships. There are no regularly scheduled dates/times throughout the year.


The Website Committee is charged with maintaining and developing an up-to-date webpage for our membership. The committee aims to meet quarterly face-to-face at Headquarters. Generally, maintenance of the website can be completed remotely.


See current Committee Chairs

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