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PaLA Committees

PaLA Committees

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Committees are either standing or Ad Hoc. Standing committees of the Association have continuing goals and projects.  Chairs of the Membership, Legislative Information and Conference Committees are elected by the membership.  All other chairs of the standing committees are appointed by the President. Ad Hoc committees are appointed by the President of the Association and have very specific projects and goals. An Ad Hoc committee can have a specific timetable or exist for multiple years.

Archives & History

The Archives & History Committee maintains the history of the Association.  The archives are located at the Headquarters.  All unit chairs are required to turn over the materials pertinent to their year as chair to the archive committee to maintain the history of the association.


Each year the Association presents a number of awards for service to the Association and to the statewide library community.


The 2nd Vice-President/Conference Chair of the association forms a planning committee for each year's conference.  The committee is generally made up of members from the vicinity of the host area for the conference that year.

Intellectual Freedom

The Intellectual Freedom Committee is concerned with current material challenges and other issues of access to information.

Legislative Information

The Legislative Information Committee sets legislative policy for the Association. The Committee is also charged with communicating information about bills in the Pennsylvania Legislature which might have an impact on the library community.


The Membership Committee is chaired by the third vice-president and members consist of representatives of each chapter and any additional members appointed by the chair in consultation with the PaLA President. This committee maintains membership of librarians and other interested persons and initiate campaigns to recruit new members for the Pennsylvania Library Association.


The Nominating Committee is made up of an elected representative of each of the chapter and the President of the Association.  The committee selects nominees to run as officers of the Association.

Organization & Bylaws

The Organization & Bylaws Committee is charged with maintaining the Bylaws of the organization.

Public Relations & Marketing

The Public Relations & Marketing Committee is made up of a Representative from each chapter and a number of at large members determined by the Chair.  The PR & Marketing Committee is charged with educating the membership and general public about the annual goals and initiatives of the Association.

PR Marketing March 2012 Report

Publications & Research Committee

The Publications & Research Committee is charged with coordinating the published information of the Association.

Scholarship and Continuing Education

The Scholarship Committee is charged with selecting recipients of the Association's MLS scholarships and other continuing education scholarships.
2012 March Committee Update

Ad Hoc

Ad Hoc Committees are created at the discretion of the Board of Directors for a specific goal or initiative.  The members are appointed by the President. This includes the Web Site Advisory Committee.

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