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Optional Event Insurance

Through a partnership with Allianz Global Assistance, we are pleased to offer event insurance which will protect your investment should you need to cancel your attendance for a covered reason.

Why Purchase Coverage?

Event Ticket Protector from Allianz Global Assistance can reimburse up to 100% of your ticket purchase if you can’t make the event for a covered illness, injury, traffic accident, and more.

List of Covered Reasons for Event Ticket Protection

Below are the list of covered reason for cancellation coverage with Event Ticket Protection. These reasons are set by our 3rd-party insurance partner, Allianz Global Assistance.  PaLA does not determine eligibility, nor have the ability to add/remove any of the reasons on this list. 

  • You will be attending an immediate family member’s childbirth at the time the event is scheduled to take place as long as the pregnancy occurs after the effective date of coverage.
  • You or a companion not arriving at the venue due to a delay by the travel carrier used for transportation.
  • Your death.
  • The death of a family member on or within 30 days prior to the event 
  • You or your spouse are permanently relocated by your or your spouse's current employer to a location that is at least 100 miles from your primary residence.
  • You or a companion, after having been with the same employer for at least 12 continuous months, are terminated or laid off, through no fault of your or a companion’s own, after the effective date of coverage.
  • Your home being made uninhabitable by fire, flood, burglary, vandalism, or natural disasters. This benefit only applies for the time that your home is actively undergoing the repair process.
  • You are unable to attend the event due to a weather emergency within 24 hours of the event and the event is not cancelled by the venue.
  • Any serious injury or any unforeseeable serious illness occurring to you or a companion which results in you or a companion being unable to attend the event for which the ticket is purchased. You or the companion must be examined by a physician within 72 hours of the cancellation and the physician must advise you or the companion not to attend the event.
  • Any serious injury or any unforeseeable serious illness occurring to your immediate family member that is considered life threatening or requiring hospitalization or which requires you to provide primary care to that person. Your immediate family member must be examined by a physician within 72 hours of the cancellation.
  • You being required to serve on a jury or served with a court order or subpoena which requires your appearance in court on the day of the event, and which prevents you from attending the event. This covered reason does not apply if you are a legal professional acting in the capacity of that profession.
  • Your or a companion's automobile having a mechanical breakdown within 24 hours of the event which results in the vehicle being unable to be driven to the event.
  • You, companion, or an immediate family member, who are on active military duty, having personal leave status changed, except for disciplinary reasons, which prevents you from attending the event.
  • Your pregnancy, as long as the pregnancy occurs after the effective date of coverage, which can be verified by medical records and your physician advises you not to attend the event for which the ticket was purchased.
  • You or a companion's tickets being stolen, provided that the venue or promoter cannot reissue stolen tickets.
  • Theft of your automobile within 48 hours of the event that results in your inability to attend the event.
  • You are unable to attend the event because an unforeseeable urgent home repair is scheduled to occur within 12 hours of the event and you are required to be present during the repair.
  • You or a companion being directly involved in a traffic accident on the day of the event that causes damage to your or a companion’s vehicle which creates an immediate need for repair to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle.
  • You or a companion being directly or indirectly involved in a traffic accident en route to a departure on a travel carrier resulting in you or companion missing transportation to the event, provided that the transportation was scheduled to depart no more than 48 hours prior to the event, and the travel carrier was unable to accommodate you or a companion on later transportation which would arrive in time to attend the event.

Who is Covered?

The person named in the registration should be the person attending, as that is the name the coverage will be under. Only one person/registration is covered.

Premium & Payment

Even though coverage may be purchased at the time of registration, event insurance is a purchase through Allianz Global Assistance and will be billed separately.   Payment by credit card for both registration and insurance protection is required.

Cost of coverage is 5.75% of ticket price.  When you purchase Event Ticket Protector from Allianz Global Assistance, you'll receive a separate confirmation. All plan documentation will be sent directly to you from Allianz Global Assistance

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