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Save Money and Boost PaLA Scholarships
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A partnership between PaLA and Utility Rates Analysts (URA) can save your library money and help to fund scholarships at PaLA. If you have a desire to save money on your utility bills, all that’s required is a little time spent providing baseline information and URA does the rest.

Utility Rates Analysts is based in Camp Hill and has a 24-year track record of successfully helping clients across the Mid-Atlantic region scrutinize utility bills of all kinds. They identify overpayment for services, secure refunds, and/or help to establish utility services at a lower cost. They do not charge up-front fees, and they make their money by splitting savings with their client customers — in this case, your library.

They’re skilled in this business and you can view the list of their clients on their website,

PaLA also has a track record with them. URA examined our utility payments and managed to save us about 29 percent, which amounts to nearly $500 over three years (and we’re a pretty small office operation).

Maybe, like PaLA headquarters, you’re a smaller library with a limited staff and precious little time and expertise to analyze utility bills and shop around for cheaper rates. Or maybe you’re a larger library or library system and have a facilities department that handles your utility purchasing but you’re still interested in potential savings.

Whatever your circumstances, it may be worth your while for URA to take a look. It doesn’t cost you a thing and could end up saving you some serious money.

And there’s one more great incentive: If URA finds you some savings or serves as a broker to secure you lower rates, this will assist library students who are supported by PaLA scholarships. 

URA offers two principal services:

  1. a billing audit to find overcharges or refunds, and
  2. procurement services where they shop for lower rates and provide you with alternatives.

If they perform an audit that results in some form of savings for your library, those savings are split 50 percent library, 37.5 percent URA, and 12.5 percent PaLA. If URA acts as a broker on your behalf, they are paid a commission from the chosen alternate supplier.

Then, out of URA’s commission, 25 percent will be donated to PaLA’s Scholarship Fund. If there were ever a win-win-win situation, this is it. You have nothing to lose and, in fact, could win some serious savings for your library and, at the same time, raise some scholarship support for future library students through PaLA’s scholarships.

It’s easy to get started. Just contact URA directly at (717) 761-5150, or email Mike Walker at

Save some money and fund some scholarships at the same time! That’s truly a winning combination.

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